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Plannit application Help Center

How to access the help and support you need to use Plannit

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To give you the knowledge you need to maximize your use of Plannit, you have access to a Help Center through which several help and support options are available for you.

📣 News: Find the latest Plannit news here.

📖 Documentations: Search in the document base for answers to your questions.

💬 Conversational agent: Start a new conversation to contact Plannit's teams or to consult old conversations.

📂 Tickets: Consult your open tickets with our teams.

🏁 Tasks: Complete Plannit configuration or training tasks.

Where can I find the Help Center?

It is located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in the Plannit application and is represented by an icon like this one:

If the icon is not visible, the Help Center display is disabled! Click on the bottom-left button in the main menu to activate it (see image below):

🏠 Home

The Home page will display information related to your most recent interactions with the Help Center, such as your most recent conversations, your most recent open tickets, and so on.

It will also offer you some help options related to the Plannit application.

📣 Plannit News

The News tab lets you see what's new and what's changed in your Plannit application (note that this tab is sometimes unavailable).

➡️ Click on a news item to view it.

📖 Documentary collections

The Help tab is where you can search for articles, guides or FAQs in our documentary collections created to help you.

➡️ Select a collection to browse it or...

➡️ Search by keywords in the search bar 🔍

💬 Conversations

The Messages tab is where you can start a new conversation with our teams or find your conversation history.

A new conversation will allow you to contact our Customer Success, Support or Administration teams, or to suggest improvements.

When you start a conversation with us, you may be asked to open a ticket based on your answers and reasons for contacting us.

Tickets are a way of providing you with a status report on your inquiries and can be accessed easily in the Help Center by following the instructions here.

➡️ To start a new conversation, click on Send us a message > in the Messages tab.

Tips and tricks

  • We strongly recommend that you open a new conversation for each topic to simplify your experience in the Help Center and make it easier to follow up on your various requests.

  • Unread messages will be identified by a red number next to the Messages icon. An e-mail copy will be sent to you when you have not consulted the message after a certain period of time.

📂 Tickets

When you start a conversation with us, you may be asked to open a ticket based on your answers and reasons for contacting us.

Tickets can be accessed in two ways:

➡️ When you are viewing the discussion that initiated the opening of a ticket, you can click on the button at the top of the discussion to open the details (see red box below).

➡️ The Tickets tab allows you to find all the tickets you have opened with us. Click on the desired ticket to open the details (note that this tab is only visible if you have already opened a ticket).

In the ticket details, you'll find a summary of the information you provided when you opened your ticket, as well as its status. The status changes as your request progresses.

🏁 Tasks

The Tasks tab brings together instructions and documentation in a structured and sequential way to help you set up your account, but also to offer you training to exploit the full potential of Plannit (note that this tab is only visible if you have tasks to do).

We suggest that you review the tasks proposed to you to take full advantage of Plannit!

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